Sunday, February 26, 2012

Santorum and the race

It appears that Rick Santorum is trying to appeal to the Tea Party, with attacks and claims that appeal to the lowest of thinkers. His ideas on issues like contraception, religious freedom, environmental protection, and public education seem to be so far from America's thinking in general that if he were the nominee Obama should win handily.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Florida Minimum Wage Law

Here goes the legislature again in Florida, passing special interest laws intended to screw people. There is a bill under consideration now that will reduce the pay of restaurant workers. Story here:

How much can working class people take, with the tea party and their puppets squeezing all they can out of America?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea Party Nation (TPN)

I signed up for the Tea Party Nation site to see what was going on there. No wonder that thing is not open to the public. All kinds of paranoid ramblings, along with some of the most illiterate and ignorant posts I've ever seen. The URL is here:

To check it out, use a throwaway email account to sign up with. Then sit back and chuckle at what you see. Or cry.

Tea Party presidential candidates

The tea party presidential candidates didn't last long did they? And Gingrich is doing poorly, despite his butt kissing efforts. Way to go America! Take your country back from those jerks.

Tea Party Decline

I wonder if the Tea Party has yet detected that it is detested by the rest of America. It looks like the Republican leadership is sensing that things have changed, but it is still uncertain whether the rank and file is still as clueless as they seem.

Upcoming national elections

Things are really nasty lately. I'm glad I am no longer a Republican. I don't think I could stomach myself if I were.